Friday, 22 March 2013

Photo Printing – from post card size prints to stylish photo book

Photo Printing – from post card size prints to stylish photo books

With invention of digital cameras, the photography has become a common activity in all formal and informal events. From most celebrated events like wedding, receptions to b’day, house warming and naming ceremony or even in holiday tours, the image capturing has increased exponentially. In olden days, the images were clicked, printed on past card size paper and then were pasted in a stick or slip-in album. Over the last few years, the photo preserving trend is changing. The slip-in or stick albums are losing shine and the new designer albums or stylish photo books are becoming the trend.

A photo book can present memories in much better way when compared to traditional stick albums. The raw photos are designed into beautiful templates before they are printed on high technology large format printers. The photo books are story tellers, as they can be personalized unlike the post card prints.

ifotos is one of the pioneers in designing personalized photo books. The most important part, ifotos shares the design previews with clients before it is printed. Though, giving preview affects the total cycle time and profitability significantly, but ifotos believes that the memories are far more precious. By giving previews, ifotos ensures clients get the photo book as exactly they wanted. Now, that makes ifotos unique.

Vijay Mane
C E O, NDIS (I) Pvt. Ltd.

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